Tuesday, September 18, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Amateur video of Thai plane crash

FIRST in the Voxant Newsroom: amateur video from World Picture Network of the immediate aftermath of Sunday’s deadly plane crash in Phuket, Thailand. The crash, which occurred after a Thai MD-82 flown by a discount carrier attempted to land during a heavy storm on the resort island, left 89 dead. A majority of the casualties were tourists from across the globe.

The WPN video comes to the Voxant Newsroom from a survivor of the wreck and shows the first moments after the plane went down and burst into flame. A pair of survivors are credited with saving at least eight of their fellow passengers by punching a hole in the flaming wreckage and pulling them to safety.

The videos in the players above are professional newsreels. Please view the breaking amateur video direct from the Voxant NewsRoom here.

Our prayers go to the victims of the tragedy.

- Alvin from TheWorldDesk at TheNewsRoom.com
(News text courtesy of Evan McMorris-Santoro)

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