Sunday, September 23, 2007

A New Age for 3-D Movies Begins with Avatar

James Cameron may be onto something when he declared that his new science-fiction adventure feature, Avatar, will be shown only in 3-D. It will be his first after the blockbuster Titanic. I guess this means more IMAX theaters should be put up. He says he wants recapture the "old feeling" of seeing a movie like Star Wars or Space Odyssey 2001 for the first time. Does this mean that 3-D will be the movie experience of the future? I guess, yes, if it catches on. The movie reunites Cameron with Sigourney Weaver, whom he worked with in another famous sci-fi film, Aliens.

For a look at the Avatar movie poster, jump to Hots Up.

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Jim said...

Yes - Avatar will be a radical departure for Hollywood and justifiably so. Check out more about Cameron's Avatar, his technology and other upcoming full 3D films on