Sunday, July 5, 2009

Reporter Dan Daru Goes on a Cave Adventure

Feature reporter Dan Daru, of KDVR takes viewers in a Cave of the Winds adventure in Manitou Springs in Colorado. In the video, hear Dan talk with companions in the dark as their hard hat lights try to pierce the darkness. Watch how his adventuring group discuss cave formations like stalactites together with their guide. Note that Daru says the cave temperature at 54 degrees Fahrenheit is very comfortable. That's just over 12 degrees Celsius but it may be a bit cold for some who are used to warmer air.

In Israel, a two-thousand-year-old man-made cave has been discovered in the Jordan valley. It holds strange Christian symbols and one that appears to be an ancient Zodiac sign. Read about that discovery in Macrocosm Science Magbook. Unlike the Cave of the Winds, this cave does not have stalactites. It also doesn't have any nasty creatures like those in the movie The Descent.

You can avail of Cave of the Wind Tours with special offers like a free tour on your birthday promo - whatever is available during your visit. It's really a walk-in-the-park. But visitors can opt to experience the tour as it was done more than a hundred years ago, when the cave was discovered - using old-fashioned lanterns!

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