Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson Found by Physician Alive

It's been confirmed through the attorney of Michael Jackson's physician that the pop icon was found alive by the doctor, although with a weak pulse. According to Atty. Edward Chernoff, Dr. Conrad Murray administered CPR in an attempt to revive Jackson and also called for police assistance.

Murray's interview conducted by the Robbery-Homicide division of the L.A. police was part of the investigation to ascertain the circumstances behind the singer's death, which was said to have been caused by cardiac arrest. Fans all over the world have paid tribute to Jackson, reviving his old songs and buying memorabilia (such as the one above) to remember their idol.

This Thriller statue of the great MJ as a zombie is now scarce - likely due to the low price and high demand. Items like this are thus ideal for reselling as their value should increase with time - so long as not too many of them are made.

Entertainment news reporters were all over the story. One record producer was quoted as saying Michael Jackson is now worth more than when he was alive. However, the producers of his upcoming concert in London reportedly lost millions due to his untimely passing.

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