Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vitamin D Found to Extend Lifespan - Supplementation Advised

Some research on vitamin supplementation come and go with limited analytical basis. Some are positive and some are negative, but the good research results outweigh the bad and dubious ones. Here is one finding regarding Vitamin D that people all over the world would like to hear.

So, what's the news? It's that Vitamin D nutrient supplementation may actually prolong your life. Previously, it's been found to be effective in fighting cancer, and of course a lot of us already know it helps keep our bones healthy and prevents rickets - a condition where the bones turn brittle due to a lack of Vitamin D like Colicalciferol (D3).

We get the benefits from Vitamin D from sunshine as we need it for our body to manufacture the nutrient. But do you know that to adequately benefit from Vitamin D with sunshine, we have to be naked for much of our waking lives and frequently expose ourselves to the sun. But you know this isn't realistic and too much exposure to UV rays can give us skin cancer. This is especially true if you have light skin and live in a tropical country like the Philippines where the sun's rays are more direct and intense. This is one reason why Filipinos would benefit well from nutrient supplementation.

So what to do? Watch the news video to find out about the details of how Vitamin D supplementation can help you improve your health and promote overall wellness.

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