Thursday, January 29, 2009

Economic Recession Creates Job Losses but Opens New Income Opportunities in Countries Like the Philippines

If there's something to be gained form the recent World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland, where world leaders gathered to find a solution to the nose-diving world economy, it's optimism as a result of US President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan which would infuse billions of dollars into the US economy to ease the effects of the recession.

While countries on other parts of the world like Asia have yet to feel the brunt of the recession, layoffs from multinational companies starved of dollars are already being experienced in countries like the Philippines, where formerly huge industries like processor manufacturing have almost come to a standstill as Intel chose to close factories there, resulting in massive job losses.

Local Philippine residents have been looking for alternative sources of income and a lot of them have discovered the viable and lucrative alternative to being employed, and that's by joining multilevel networking companies. These companies which distribute products through members, provide a means to move both commercial items and money in the economy, thus lessening the problem with market liquidity and confidence in consumers.

One leading networking company like USANA has just launched in the Philippines and is now being deluged by members wanting to get in top place in the network, which is essentially opening up the market and there's currently an expected deluge of revenue both for the company and new Filipino members. It's a timely entry that could very well keep the recession from being felt by those who join early.

Residents of the Philippines can click here to find out more about participating and securing a place in the organization.

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