Sunday, November 16, 2008

How Feeding Cockroaches to Pet Lizards Can Lead to Environmental Disaster

Every pet owner has a responsibility to feed his pet no matter what kind it is. Dogs are fed dog food, cats are fed cat food. These are typically processed already and come in plastic bags, cans, or boxes. "Eat's" easy to feed common pets like these. But for pet lizard owners, it's a different story.

Food for lizards are not sourced readily from grocery stores. They are bought from pet shops which get their supplies as "fresh meat" imported from other countries. For some reason, both lizard and pet shop owners prefer to get this meat in the form of exotic cockroaches that aren't native to their destination.

Scientists fear that some of these roaches may escape, proliferate, and cause an environmental, ecological imbalance. Without the typical predators that eat them, their numbers can grow to unmanageable proportions the likes of which you see only in a movie that could be titled "Roaches." Even without the help of petshops, cockroaches like the Turkestan roach have already entered Florida by hitch hiking along with soldiers coming back from the Middle East.

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