Thursday, November 13, 2008

1970s TV Superheroes Unite Once Again

Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, Colonel Wilma Deering - together in one interview. Wow, that's a handful of old-time favorites!

But wait! Wilma Deering? She's not even a superhero! She's Buck Rogers's love interest! But nevertheless, Erin Grey, who played the stubborn space fighter pilot in the Buck Rogers tv series of the 80s, is one of other television's most memorable hero icons.

Grey appears together with Lou Ferrigno and Lynda Carter in an exclusive look back at those golden years of comic book television when real actors and not computer-generated images, played superheroes. Find out what reporter Julie Chen found out about them and their memories of those good old days in this interview.

Here is Wonder woman depicted as an angry woman. You wouldn't want to mess with her when she's angry and certainly not while wielding a battle axe! But we all know that's not enough to stop you from buying her now!
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