Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ocean X-Team's Baltic Sea Anomaly: Ancient Quarry or Sacred Site?

The Baltic Sea Rock Anomaly and the Millennium Falcon side by side.
Notched Kunda People bone tools.
Tangible mysteries are hard to come by these days, but there's this 590-foot-diameter circular rock formation 285 feet underneath the Baltic Sea discovered by the Ocean Explorer Team (Ocean X-Team) shipwreck hunters led by Peter Lindberg and Jason Aasberg. It was spotted using sonar and resembles the Millennium Falcon of the Star Wars movies. At first, when it was found, it was compared to an unidentified flying object because of its saucer-shape. Indeed, a lot of people did think it could be a lost alien vessel. The track, which seemed to trail from behind it, suggested that it crashed to the bottom of the sea a long time ago not far away. However, the "runway" is more likely a natural geological formation, probably of volcanic origin.

Upon closer examination by divers, the unidentified sunken object revealed small rocks on top of it that had been arranged in a circular manner (left), material which seemed to resemble soot, and cracks or stone walls that formed right angles. The round structure, lies on top of a thick pillar which isn't of the same composition as the disk, according to the divers. On top of it, a mushroom-shaped formation dubbed "The Meringue" and a hole several centimeters wide were found. Other formations were what seemed to be a staircase down the side and another "double-arched" anomaly farther away. It's assumed that this could have been once part of the first anomaly. Some distance from these two structures is a craggy undersea mountain, most likely volcanic in origin, with a long crack running through it.

Thousands of years ago, during the last ice age, the Baltic Sea was dry and covered with ice. It's possible that the rock formation was naturally already there at that time and an early Baltic tribe, which was probably part of the Swiderian Culture (ancestors of the Kunda People) who migrated to the the region some 10,000 years BC, could have used it as a sacred ceremonial site or a quarry. The soot, the right angled structures, and the circular formation of stones suggest ancient quarrying activity. On p37 of this PDF, titled

Ancient Egyptian quarries – an illustrated overview, you will see similar structures in ancient quarries in Egypt (left; above and below) where fire setting was used in natural cracks in the stone which were exploited to split the rock using levers and pegs. Using fire to split stone has been found to have been used by the Egyptians and Romans and in Great Britain and the New England states of America, according to The History of Quarrying in California from the California Indians Up to the Present.

Thus, the Baltic Sea Anomaly could be an ancient quarry or ceremonial site. If that's the case, the Ocean X-Team's findings could push the dates of the earliest settlement of the region back a few thousand years if rock-solid evidence is found on much earlier habitation by people. That's actually even better than a UFO or the fact that the Baltic Sea Rock anomaly looks like the Millennium Falcon. If it was indeed a quarry, where were the quarried rocks taken to? On 9th of July, 2012, the second exploratory expedition of the Ocean X-Team had set off for the more detailed survey of the mysterious structure.

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