Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why Americans Think Barack Obama is Muslim

It's a pretty strange thing that many Americans, at least 20%, believe that President Barack Obama is Muslim. Ever since campaigning for the US presidency, many Americans have thought that Obama is of the Islamic faith, but why do they think this even when he's never practiced anything that can be interpreted as being Muslim? He does not perform salat, the Muslim way of praying toward Mecca, nor does he observe Ramadan. In fact Obama attended the Trinity United Church of Christ for many years.

It's still not clear why many people think Obama is Muslim. The issue came up when the controversy about the mosque near the World Trade Center monument came up. It may be recalled that Obama supported the mosque even if he was not a Muslim. There may be several reasons why people think Obama is Muslim. A big reason is likely connected with his name, which is very Arabic-sounding. Second is probably because of misinformed media people who create reports that can be misleading or were misinterpreted. According to Joshua DuBois, director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, it was the result of misinformation. He says there's an effort by some to regularly "malign and distort" President Obama's faith.

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