Monday, May 24, 2010

Antioxidants Against Free Radicals Developed as Powerful Anti Aging Products by OXIS

We’ve all heard of antioxidants and how they benefit people with their anti aging effects.  A lot of us have heard of resveratrol, glutathione, and the vitamins C and E, but there’s one antioxidant that few are familiar with, and it is perhaps one of the most effective and powerful. It’s called L-­Ergothioneine, or ERGO. It’s a basic amino acid ingredient in products produced by OXIS International, Inc.

ERGO occurs naturally as a product of microorganisms that thrive in the soil. It is also present in grapes, mushrooms, meat, and dairy products. In spite of this, the level of ERGO in a typical diet is relatively small and the body does not experience an optimal anti aging benefit from the intake of foods that contain it. Because the extraction of ERGO from natural sources is not commercially attractive, ERGO has remained beyond the reach of people for a long time. But now, processes of synthesis and purification developed by OXIS now make ERGO an ideal ingredient of anti aging products.

Research by OXIS suggests that ERGO has a powerful counteracting effect on oxidative stress (caused by inflammation, cigarette smoke, pollution, radiation, drugs and other conditions) coming from its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties. Oxidative stress is experienced by cells due to free radicals, or atoms needing an electron, in the body. Reactive oxygen and nitrogen atoms victimize cells, stealing electrons from them and slowly causing damage and physical effects associated with aging. ERGO protects cells, particularly the mitochondria inside them, from free radicals produced by the metabolic process of body itself.

ERGO works by itself or in conjunction with other antioxidants like glutathione. In fact, it has the capacity to maintain the levels of other antioxidants, thereby enhancing the body’s ability to counter aging. It helps metabolize fat, aiding in the provision of more energy for the body. It reduces damage from exposure to the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation, which makes it an ideal antioxidant for the eyes in order to lower the risk for cataracts. Best of all is the protection it gives brain cells against neurotoxins that contribute to cognitive deterioration.  Overall, L-­Ergothioneine neutralizes increased oxidative stress by protecting the body’s key molecules.

The patents and pending applications of OXIS feature L-­Ergothioneine as the key ingredient in its nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, and therapeutic products. Molecules and compounds developed by OXIS are designed to moderate transcription factor molecules that encourage inflammatory responses, among other things, that are influential in cell degeneration and death. Among these are hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-inhibiting BXT-51072, (initially intended for inflammatory bowel diseases), LSA molecules (for neurodegeneration), superoxide dismutase (for joint conditions and the prevention of radiation fibrosis), and palosein (for arthritic inflammation).

Did you know that graying hair is caused by too much hydrogen peroxide? Research by Karin Schallreuter, professor of clinical and experimental dermatology at England's University of Bradford, suggests that the tyrosinase enzyme, which produces melanin for hair color, is blocked by H2O2. It’s possible that the hydrogen peroxide-inhibiting properties of OXIS products like BXT-51072 can ultimately help keep our hair looking young even as we age. But that’s looking far ahead and more research needs to be done. For now OXIS first releases (Ergo-Pur™ and Ergo-Plex™) will have L-­Ergothioneine as the key ingredient. ErgoPur is basically L-­Ergothioneine, and Ergo-Plex combines L-­Ergothioneine with other powerful antioxidants.

These initial products position OXIS for a feasible entry into the wellness market with a lot of room for expansion. This paves the way for solid partnerships with leaders in the industry with an established customer base or those with the capacity to build one. The ultimate goal is to be regarded as a health partner. For now, it may be penny stocks for OXIS, but with more nutraceutical products lined up (including functional foods like nutrition bars and energy beverages sold over the Internet and through multi-level marketing, infomercials, direct mail, and retail outlets), the future of OXIS is secure and will benefit people all over, allowing them to be healthy and young.
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