Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ghost Voice Leads Paranormal Investigators to Skeleton Mortared in a Wall

The story reminds us of a classic short story plot of Edgar Allan Poe, but this isn't fiction. While investigating Aspen Manor (The jewel of the Ohio Valley) in Wellsburg, West Virginia, a group of paranormal investigators, Brooke County Paranormal Society, heard a ghostly voice that led them to a mortared brick wall. It apparently said "Help me, I'm stuck in a wall." According to the owner, they were led downstairs where one of the investigators felt "physically" sick for no apparent reason. There, they opened up a wall and found bones inside.

Brooke County Sheriff Richard Ferguson says the bones recovered appear to be old but appear to be intact. He did say he noticed saw markings which might indicate they were cut into pieces. During the initial investigation, he wasn't sure if the bones are indeed human. They were sent to a lab for forensic analysis. Rick Larntz (left), an investigator of the paranormal society that found the bones considers the find a major accomplishment.

Aspen Manor has a rich history. Built in 1895, it served as a boys' club by a rich Pennsylvania steel industrialist, J.J. Vandergrift, as a fun house for his son. It was where gambling was held and all manner of entertainment for boys, which included cockfights and horse races. Later, it was managed by a Catholic group, The Knights of St. George. Interestingly, the investigators recorded clicking sound which Larntz explained was made by in instrument used by nuns to warn kids to behave.

The present owner of the manor is Gene Valentine (left), who plans to maximize use of the house for income generation as a bed and breakfast hotel. He says he wasn't surprised by the group's discovery and wants to get to the bottom of the mystery behind the skeleton in the wall before he pushes through with his Aspen Manor hotel plans. He adds that if the bones are indeed found to be human, he wants investigators to do what it takes to find the truth and perhaps discover anything else that's hidden in the old house.

UPDATE: After analysis by the Smithsonian Institution, the bones were found to be a mix of farm animal remains. Chicken, swine, and horse bones were reportedly identified in the mix. The Knights of St. George operated a farm and butchered animals. The ghostly voice that led to them is still a mystery as well as to why the bones were placed inside a wall. Glasses and hair were also found in the wall. Could these possibly be part of human remains mixed in with the animal bones? Click here to view clear and close up pictures of the bones by the Brooke Country Paranormal investigators.

Click here for the update on the story. Click here for an alternative news link.

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