Saturday, December 6, 2008

Managing Holiday Eats and Weight Management - As Simple As Eating Cake

What to do when its Christmas and there's food to prepare and to eat? These days, it's not just about cooking and eating, it's also about considering the fattening calories and how to festively eat but without getting fat and keeping the weight in control. Is it really that difficult? Perhaps the answer is as easy as eating cake!

We all know how gifts like cake get around during the holidays. For instance, we usually get fruit cake as a gift from our bosses, co employees, and friends we haven't seen in a long time. Giving it as a gift is good, but it may be more cherished by the recipient if you consider his or her well-being in terms of health (like when diabetes is concerned) or in simply looking fit and trim.

Watch this video to get some idea about what you can do, especially for those who have or may get diabetes, when it comes to eating the holiday cake (and then some), whether you're the gift-giver or gift-givee.

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