Thursday, May 1, 2008

Microsoft to Cease Sales of Windows xP

Yes, you heard it right. In spite of the consumer popularity of Windows xP, Microsoft will stop selling it by the end of the year. When 2008 comes to a close, Windows xP OEM will no longer be found in stores or ordered although Microsoft will still give support to users.

Windows Vista has been largely ignored by many consumers with old computers who opted to keep using Windows xP. Among the reasons is that peripheral devices that they already use, like wireless modems, do not work with Vista due to driver issues, and it would be costly to upgrade.

But the time of Windows xP has been determined a long time ago by Microsoft and contracts with sellers are specific about the date that Windows xP may no longer be sold. With this in mind, the end of the popular OS is merely a reminder rather than an announcement, as Dell has said to APC mag.

Consumers may have no choice but to have a look ahead and appreciate a new vista in computing.

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