Thursday, May 1, 2008

Google Adds Scrolling to AdSense Ads

They’re little and unobtrusive, but they’re there. Some of you may have already noticed these pair of up and down (or left and right) arrows, and when clicked, you’ll see the text ads of AdSense scroll up or down (depending on the arrow clicked). The addition appears to be part of Google’s makeover plans to make their services more interactive and noticeable.

Undoubtedly still experimental (like the extra search bar), this now comes as a subtle thing to AdSense users who may or may not have any reason to complain. It certainly has the potential in adding to clicks on the ads hosted by sites. Blogger opinion seems neutral but with this new feature, the potential is there for audiences to see more ads at one time and coax them to click more.

It’s possible that people’s urge to surf can make this latest move by Google a very welcome one if people see how it can be more of a benefit than a nuisance. It’s likely that after reading this, people will go look for it and scroll for themselves just for the fancy of it, if they haven’t already. Now, AdSense is not about clicking anymore. Scrolling could just be the new way to advertise on the Internet!

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