Saturday, September 1, 2007

Livestock-Killing Vampire Creature Remains Recovered?

Phylis Canion, a rancher in Texas, claims to have found the roadkill remains of the fabled and feared chupacabra creature, but some believe it is just a freak mutation of a kind of dog. Canion has hunted for most of her life in Africa and has collected trophies of different animals. The "chupacabra" remains she had recovered are said to be the ones that used to feed on her chickens, which were found dead and drained of blood. She kept the head of one for possible DNA testing.

After researching and asking about the pictures on Yahoo! Answers, the answer finally came out from a member known as Sirenheart (click here to go to Yahoo! Answers). The chupacabra in the picture is really a Xoloitzcuintle (pronounced show-low-eats-queen-tlee). It's a rare breed of Mexican hairless dog (see picture below) that has been around in the Americas for thousands of years and were even kept as pets and for food by the ancient Aztecs.
In the world of the supernatural, the chupacarbra is a vampire-like creature that likes to drink the blood of goats. The name itself means "goat sucker" in Spanish. It is said to have appeared first in 1994 in Puerto Rico, then sightings of it were reported in Mexico and even Chile. Chupacabra animal victims often have two puncture marks on the neck.

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